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03-Sep-2017 13:24

She has taught us so very much about how precious life is.Cri Du Chat syndrome is a condition in which a person is missing a portion of the chromosome number 5.Exams and physical testing usually reveals poor muscle tone or no muscle tone at all.Separated abdominal muscles and abnormally folded ears are also what physical exams may show.Babies with Cri Du Chat syndrome will grow slowly and have oddly shaped ears.This syndrome is a type of mental retardation, so babies will exhibit abnormal physical appearances.

She makes her feelings and desires very clear, despite her lack of verbal language.

Babies in less developed countries may have this syndrome without knowing, so there is a small chance more individuals have Cri Du Chat Syndrome.

This syndrome is caused by a missing portion of the chromosome 5.

Research brought me to several programmes of learning for her, including the What to do About Your Brain-Injured Child course by Glenn Doman.

We were also very fortunate to work with Lidwina van Dyk, a human developmentalist who still works with us to help Chloe reach her potential.

This condition is often considered bizarre, because it causes the baby affected to have a very high pitched wail that sounds exactly like a cat meowing or wailing while in heat.